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Armed with a Gibson guitar and a pastel pink pen, Heather LaRose found inspiration in Westchester, New York seated right on the edge of Manhattan. The voice of an outsider caged in picket fence walls, LaRose wrote and released her Beachside EP in between college classes.


An underdog project that was recorded in the basement of Jackson Hoffman, highschool friend and band member, Beachside EP went on to amass millions of streams. The single “New Moon” was synced to MTV’s Teen Wolf Season 3. 


Over the past two years, Heather has continued to release singles fueled by pure emotion. After her boyfriend passed away from cancer, she took time to focus on her mental health.


In December 2018, Heather reemerged with her painfully beautiful single “Kerosene”. 


“These are the words I clung to, the hope I lived on. Love isn’t something that passes once a person leaves us, it's something that eternally burns on.” 

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