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Armed with a Gibson guitar and a sparkly gel pen, Heather LaRose found her musical inspiration growing up in New York, right on the edge of Manhattan. Always inspired by the fast paced life of the city, LaRose began writing about her experiences growing up. In 2023, LaRose was the youngest person to win a Songwriter Hall of Fame Award acknowledging her impact ghostwriting for some of the biggest artists in Top Forty. With that notch in her belt, the young songstress is done haunting the graveyard of ghostwriting for others and directing all her energy into writing songs for her own project. 


Her latest single “Loser Behavior” premiered in Rolling Stone and was hailed as a summer anthem. Inspired by her viral relationship that very publicly went south on TikTok, LaRose penned “when you act like a loser, you’ll lose her” and the rest of the song wrote itself. 


“When I was in college my boyfriend passed away and it affected not only the way I write but also my current adult relationships. As a naturally optimistic person, I’ll look at the stakes of what’s currently happening and think to myself ‘well at least no one’s dying’. Because of that, I used to let men’s poor behavior slide - until this ex just took it comically far.”


Since her first release, LaRose has been garnering accolades for her witty lyricism. In 2021, she won Meta Creator’s Song Contest judged by Saweetie, Charlie Puth, along with other industry heavy hitters with her song “baby blue”. Over the past few years, LaRose continued to release singles fueled by pure emotion and accumulated millions of streams.


Her upcoming EP "Party Girl Tears" is inspired by the already released titular track. It follows LaRose through a dystopian party in the Hollywood Hills paralleling scenes of the party to the brokenness everyone around her is feeling. The EP beautifully unravels facades and exposes the duality in all of us, set to (mostly) upbeat melodies. The tracks together are their own sonic rom com that LaRose narrates with her powerful vocals. 


Her next single off the EP is called “Starlet” which is an upbeat and enthusiastic plea to not just chase one’s career, but to chase love and chase boys. Inspired by sounds of Marina and The Diamonds, 2010 Katy Perry, and 2014 tumblr ear candy, “Starlet” takes on the very tongue and cheek lyrics of searching for love through the blinding lights of Los Angeles. Her unbounded optimism saturates the storytelling and the production choices on the track.


Heather LaRose has been featured in Forbes, Billboard, Rolling Stone and has opened for The 1975, The Killers, Daya, and more.


Facebook - 354k

Instagram- 59.4k

TikTok - 75.4k

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